How to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed

how to prevent scorpions from getting in your bed

Most people enjoy keeping scorpions as pets. It is important to remove scorpions from the bed. Scorpions are scary. They’re very difficult. You should avoid scorpions on your bed for four reasons. This article explains why you should avoid scorpions when sleeping and gives some advice on keeping them away from crawling into your room … Read more

What attracts ants?

What attracts ants

Ants are a model of cooperation, with intricate social systems that enable them to work as one and survive against all odds. They show us the power of coming together for a common goal—no task either small when teamwork is involved! They also perform essential environmental tasks, contributing to the fertilization of the soil in … Read more

12 tiny bugs in basement

tiny bugs in basement

The basement is a thrilling place for horror fans; where better for their greatest fears to appear? Basement bugs are one of the scarier things you’ll find in these dark, warm, and damp spaces– setting sticky traps is only one way to start identifying and controlling tiny bugs in basement populations. Other basement bugs may … Read more

What to do with clothes during fumigation?

what to do with clothes during fumigation

Fumigation is an important part of pest control, as it can effectively eliminate termites and other pesky critters that can wreak havoc on a home or stored food products. The fumigation process often involves placing plastic bags over items in the area to be fumigated, which the lethal gas, usually methyl bromide, hydrogen peroxide or … Read more

What is eating my strawberries: Organic Controls

what is eating my strawberries

What is eating my strawberries? As strawberry plants and strawberry flowers begin to bloom, they bring with them the promise of sweet juicy strawberries come summer. But strawberry plants also attract many types of insects as well. One of these is the tarnished plant bug, a small black and brown insect which feeds on strawberry … Read more

What slugs on hostas look like?

slugs on hostas

Slugs and snails have been the bane of gardeners for centuries, and slugs on hostas are no different. Slug infestations can be devastating for anyone growing these gorgeous plants. However, with a little bit of knowledge, you can easily identify if slugs are your number one problem and use various techniques to keep slugs at … Read more