Hello. My name is Edward Houston and I can boast that I have experience in dealing with various insects and pests. To begin with, I have lived all my life in my own private house, so I know firsthand that pests are a huge problem. They not only spoil the attractiveness of the site but can also cause inconvenience at night when we sleep.

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For more than 12 years I have worked as a disinfector. During this time, I have studied the composition of various products, and I am ready to share the most effective options with you. I want to note that it is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money on professional pest control products or call a specialist at home.

You can use the available tools that you will find in the kitchen. In my blog, you will learn the most effective ways to control pests, and I will also give some useful tips on how to deal with different types of insects and animals in the garden. We will also look at a few mistakes that are made most often.

The main goal of my blog is to allow every visitor to deal with pests that are not only in the house but also outside. After all, I remember from childhood that they can cause great anxiety. You can also share your pest control tips with me. Perhaps it is your review or comment that will help another person.

I hope that we will become a real virtual family with you and that we will be able to overcome insects on the site. If you have any additional questions – do not hesitate and write me. I’ll be happy to help if it’s in my area of expertise.

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